Chair Massage

Chair massage relieves stress on the spot. It is great to include in a social event. Is there a group of friends or colleagues you would like to treat to a mini-massage, all in one place and in the same time frame? Maybe you and your co-workers would like to schedule some time every week to have massages in your break room during lunches, ideally paid for by your boss... or you'd like to treat the members of your wedding party, or guests at a Wedding or Baby Shower, events that can sometimes become very stressful. Since chair massage is done with the client fully clothed, and considerate of make-up and hair, it's an experience that can be shared — to deepen the connection you feel with the people who are important to you during special events of your life, or to brighten up a normal day at work. Also, it's a great service to include at a fundraiser or health fair!

Using a special chair that sets up using minimal space, allowing a for a bit of privacy in a public location, I can provide massage of the back, neck, head, arms, hands, back of legs and feet of each recipient using no lotions or oils, and with the recipient fully clothed! Each person can choose the duration and specifics of their chair massage, paying accordingly.

Bringing the same experience and plethora of techniques combined in an eclectic blend to best serve each client, my chair massage treatment can be just the thing for clients who want to receive regular massage, but are short on time or money. A chair massage can help relieve stress and provide a bit of a break from your day, giving you a mini-holiday wherever you are.

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