This class is designed to teach you how to maintain a healthy body. Now that you know all the parts, and what they are supposed to do, how do you maintain your health? Do you ever wonder what the purpose is of all the different types of exercise programs; which diets are really "good," and which ones not; why, even if your goal is accomplished, weight loss or flatter abs, you might look good, but feel worse than ever?

Learn about the different types of exercise programs and eating plans out there. You will be able to compare these against a check list that I will teach in this class so you can become familiar with the building blocks necessary for a well-rounded exercise program, and a safe eating plan, to help you find the ones that are right for you.

I'll give you some ways to figure the number of calories you burn during certain activities, and to calculate how many you need to consume if you want to gain or lose weight. You will learn a more scientific method to analyze what you are doing in your program versus what you'd like to achieve with the results. Surprisingly, the main principles of Western exercise and certain types of yoga are in agreement about how to deepen and improve the results of your program. You'll learn how to apply these to make your workouts more effective.

I'll also share a bit about sports injuries, and about muscles: how they work, what they do, and what they don't do. What is the function of ligaments and tendons? Are they the same? Is there a difference between a sprain and a strain? How can you avoid becoming injured, and how do you treat these injuries so you can get back to the exercise program that you love.

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