Fitness Consultation

A fitness consultation gives you the basic information you need to take better care of your body so you feel better, and so you look better. Cars and appliances have owners manuals to tell you how they work. For better or worse, the human body does not come with any specific instructions for care, leaving you to sort the charlatans from the experts. To complicate things further, each body does not work exactly the same way all the time. When you think you've got it all figured out, you reach a different stage in your life, and the routine that was perfect for you no longer leaves you feeling vibrant and healthy.

I create a realistic plan, allowing you to move from contemplation to action. We look at both exercise and nutrition; we look at your habits. We look at the way it is now — how do you feel, what do you eat, do you exercise, how does your skin look, are your eyes clear? While this is not a psychological analysis, your emotional state has a significant impact on your physical health, as I wrote about in my bio. If you are feeling yourself carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, it's hard to do the most simple things. Poor eating habits and lack of exercise can cause or contribute to feelings of depression, creating a vicious cycle. And while doctors and medical professionals recommend a healthy diet and eight hours of nightly sleep, they tend to be quite conservative, even close-minded, in their views on the scope of the influence of diet and life-style on attitude, on the body/mind connection.

Do you want to get healthy, change your eating habits and start an exercise program? Maybe you read up on it, and all the ideas and information, some of which are outright conflicting, are too much to sort through. Therefore, you have done your best but feel you could do better; or maybe you've not been able to get started with any changes at all because you are too overwhelmed trying to figure it all out; maybe nothing is really wrong, you feel a bit off, and think you could feel better? Call for this personalized multi-session consultation.

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