While there can be guidelines to healthy eating, ranging from the FDA's old Food Pyramid, the USDA's ChooseMyPlate, to specific eating plans, like being vegetarian, what is best for you will depend on many factors, including activity level, age, background, genetics and more.

I can help you create a healthy plan based on what you eat, and what you like to eat (even dark chocolate is healthy in its place). There is much conflicting information available, and access is easier than ever before, recommending all sorts of techniques to be healthy and lose/gain weight. Often, following a very rigid program, doing a 180-degree turnaround in what you eat, can be more harmful than good. And while I do believe in limited fasts, and juice programs, they are not right for everyone all the time. The important thing is to create a realistic eating plan that works for you.

Food breaks down into smaller particles — vitamins, minerals, nutrients — that your body needs to keep your organs functioning. And while each person requires a specified amount to keep it going, the ability of each individual body's to break down and utilize the nutrients depends on many factors.

Whether your goal is to lose/gain weight, or just feel better, with a combination of knowledge and muscle testing, we will find an eating plan to help you feel great!

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