Illumination and Extraction

The processes of Illumination and Extraction clear energies from your Luminous Energy Field which no longer serve you, in some cases have become harmful, to bring you back into balance with yourself and the universe. Often these energies have activated imprints in your LEF. An imprint is formed whenever negative emotions that occur alongside a trauma remain unhealed. These imprints may have occurred in this lifetime, or in prior lifetimes. In turn, these imprints compel us to continue to repeat certain events from the past to help us locate them and erase their origins.

Using these techniques, the energy that compelled certain actions on your part, or drew others to you who you would rather not have in your life, is removed. Also, the activated imprints, which are like dormant computer programs that prevent newer files from working correctly, are lifted from your field, freeing you to make new choices, and to see the world from different eyes. You will feel more energy flowing through your body as your chakras spin unimpeded and cleanly again. In fact, your immune system improves, and you will feel stronger in every way. I will give you some follow up work to help with any old thought patterns that remain.

So when you find yourself repeating the same event over and over, or attracting the same type of negative people you feel your life would do better without, or feel drained, or in a rut and don't know why, this type of session would be beneficial for you. We can work together in person or by phone/Skype. More than one session may be necessary depending on the nature and extent of your issue. Additionally, this work is mandatory to move on to the next step in your healing journey — a Soul Retrieval.

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