Spiritual Anatomy

In this fourth class, you will learn about your spiritual anatomy- your energy body. According to physics, everything is energy. Our nervous system creates an energy field that normally extends out arm's width and surrounds the body in the shape of an egg. Just as each person has a physical structure that makes him/her unique, so is it with our spiritual anatomy. Being a practical class, we will locate our own, and others', energy field, seeing how it is influenced by thought and emotion. I will talk about the Luminous Energy Field, one view of the layers contained within the larger field, and share a couple of exercises to help you locate, clean, and balance your chakras.

About the chakras: the chakras give us information about the states of our physical and emotional health.They also represent different stages of life and spiritual maturity, a hierarchy of life's lessons, reflecting where we are in our lives with overcoming the pull of the mundane world. When are chakras healthy, and how do you know if they are in a state of dis-ease or disorder? Learn the physical organs, emotional states, and spiritual stages that correspond to each chakra; the significant relationships associated with each. These relationships become really fascinating, as we begin to put together, for example, migraine headaches with disturbances in the sixth chakra, indicating a disruption of our ability to stand in our own power and truth.

This class brings full-circle the idea that the human experience is about the merging and interrelationship of body/mind/spirit, leaving you to decide: are we human beings having a spiritual experience, or spiritual beings having a human experience?

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