"I have been a faithful, dedicated, and very grateful client of Kathy Dolin for sometime I first sought out her services because I had heard that she was an exceptional yoga instructor and taught anatomy on an extraordinary level so I felt assured that her massage would be outstanding. Because she was so Milt-faceted and well developed as a healer, I was confident that she and her work would be of great value to me.

Her exemplary Shamanistic skills were of the most benefit to me when I first became her client. I had been working on lifelong childhood issues and blocks that had been plaguing me and deeply affecting and stagnating my progress on my journey through life. Kathy was able to address and work on my TMJ which had previously been held back from me for many decades, as well as bringing me much needed physical and emotion relief.

Her work on my jaw made a recent surgery not only possible, but increased the outcome/success of that surgery 1000%."

Dolores R.
Teacher, Holistic & Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Guidance Counselor

"Kathy Dolin has been my massage therapist for nearly two decades. She comes regularly every two weeks, so I have experienced her healing touch close to 500 times through these years. I assume that this is an unusually long client relationship and is testimony to Kathy's talents and skills. I no long remember how I learned about Kathy, but once I found her, I never tried another therapist. She is totally professional in all aspects of her work: from appointment scheduling to providing quality equipment to being superbly capable.

I have recommended Kathy to others and I've treated family members and friends to her massages as gifts. She is an experienced professional and can tailor her treatments to the requests of her clients. Kathy has not only studied anatomy but she has taught the subject so she is knowledgeable about the skeletal and musculature structures of the body. This provides her clients with expertise in dealing with any muscle aches or strains.

If we have to extend the time between one of our bi-monthly appointments, my body feels the ill effects of no massage. I know that Kathy Dolin's massage therapy contributes to my well-being."

Joan B.
Arts Consultant

"Ten years ago my chronic back pain was diagnosed as being the result of a displaced disc condition called spondylolisthesis, which was most likely brought about by 50 years of distance running. At the time I was suffering from periodic bouts of sciatica so severe that I could not stand for hours at a time. As an alternative to surgery, I tried yoga; an FDA approved lumbar stretching regimen, physical therapy and even prescription pain medication; all to no avail. When I had just about given up hope and was ready to agree to surgery, I was introduced to Kathy Dolan. From the very first visit, Kathy's therapeutic messages have never failed to produce immediate short-term relief from the pain and inflexibility caused by my condition. I am not claiming that Kathy has cured my crushed discs, and I do still experience occasional bouts of low back pain. Only now, I call Kathy. Her skilled massage technique has done more relieve my discomfort to keep me moving that anything else I have ever tried. I highly recommend that you put yourself in her skillful hands."

Ken H., PhD
Executive Director
Brentwood Biomedical Research Institute

"I started to work with Kathy when I landed a role in a feature film as a stripper. I choose to work with Kathy because first of all she is in amazing and inspiring shape herself. I know she also has an extensive background in physical fitness training and yoga. I met Kathy through her teaching me yoga and I really gravitated to towards her precise instruction and compassion as a teacher.

Before working with Kathy I was physically slim. I knew this role required more than a good toned body. This role called for a strong heroine who was completely confident which was reflected in her appearance. I only had a few weeks to accomplish this goal. Kathy was the perfect trainer to work with. I had never really trained with weights before and her instruction was clear and encouraging, which made the results even easier to accomplish.

Within the few weeks of training, Kathy helped me to more than accomplish my physical goal before shooting. I was also surprised at how much confidence I gained through this experience. Being pushed beyond my own personal physical limitations, while being supported by Kathy, brought me to an emotional place of confidence and peace."

Maggie G.

"In Los Angeles, while becoming certified as a Bikram Yoga instructor, I met Kathy Dolin. She was my anatomy teacher, and her knowledge and expertise of the human body re-ignited my own interest and enthusiasm for the body, how it works and operates. As a professional Broadway dancer (FOSSE, CHICAGO), and yoga enthusiast, physical demands on my body were set at a high level. During the training, tight, sore lower back muscles, and an unexpected hit and run car accident contributed to some pain and decreased range of motion. This is when I turned to Kathy for even more help as a massage therapist. Once again, her thorough work and awareness of the body allowed me to, at the same time, continue working through difficulty, while healing and regaining a normal range of motion. Ten years later, anatomy teacher, yoga teacher, massage therapist and friend, Kathy Dolin has continued to be a source of education, support, encouragement and health."

Mark R.
Professional Dancer/Teacher/Massage Therapist