Destiny Retrieval

Think of a destiny retrieval as a Soul Retrieval, but for your life's purpose, so you can discover or shift the direction of your life, and move toward a specific goal. Much work is necessary before a Destiny Retrieval can be completed to solidify the results.

Picture your life as a quickly flowing river which branches off many times along its route to the sea. Momentum propels you forward, especially when the current is very swift. This is your karma. These events of your past, both from this and former lives, keep you traveling in a certain direction. The more often specific events occur, becoming the story you tell yourself about your life, the harder it is to change course, to get to the side to take a different branch. Your story compels you forward in the same direction, often against your desires and your will, but you don't know how to stop it.

Comparing this work to the river, when you do Illuminations, Extractions, Soul Retrievals, and other techniques, such as cord cutting, and breaking ancestral curses, this is like slowing down the current of the river, to allow you to change course. Imagine now, that from the direction you wish to shift to, there is a beacon to guide you. This would be a Destiny Retrieval. You can create a new "contract" for your life, and create the energetic shift to move in that direction.

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