Shamanic Massage

This 90-minute Shamanic massage incorporates Energy Medicine work into the format of a full body massage. It eases aches and pains in the body, along with removing energetic blockages that leave you feeling tired and emotionally out of sorts. Have you been around someone you feel is particularly negative — they "got under your skin," and the feeling has not entirely gone away? Do you feel someone has "stabbed you in the back," your body hurts, and you are having a hard time recovering? Have you done something you wished you hadn't — you cannot stop thinking about it, and it is creating tension in your body as your mind goes over and over it, again and again?

My combination massage takes advantage of the body-mind connection to energetically connect parts of your body that are disassociated from each other due to trauma, recent or old, balances your chakras, and creates movement/flow where a state of stagnation exists. I remove energy from the body placed there by others, or by your own feelings that have become "stuck," and are being held in place by physical tension and tightness in your body. I place supportive energy in your body to create balance- physically, mentally, and spiritually.

If you are experiencing physical problems, but sense there is a deeper cause, try this massage. Its melding of techniques from bodywork and energy medicine provides an eclectic-style treatment that has no precedent. The session is entirely designed for you, entirely your own, culled from my thirty years of massage experience and twenty of energy work in all its forms. This massage is a good introduction to the deeper healing you can receive in a dedicated Energy Medicine session with me. Treat yourself to this deeper healing experience!

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