Soul Retrieval

Whenever you experience an unresolved trauma in your life, an imprint remains in your LEF, and a piece of your soul, in effect, goes into hiding. An agreement, often unconscious, is made to stop the pain the experience has caused to prevent that occurrence from happening again. For example, if a parent is always scolding a child, that child may agree, within herself, that, "I will be invisible." This "contract" is necessary for survival at the time. However, as that child ages, the contract remains operating in the background, guiding her current behavior. It no longer serves any useful purpose, and probably prevents her from achieving happiness in the present.

A Soul Retrieval, when preceded by the processes of Illumination and Extraction, allows the person who made that contract, you, to change it. As your Shaman, I will "journey" to the place of the Underworld, which in psychology is known as the unconscious. The source of the trauma will be found, the contract located. When the contract is discovered, the energetic soul piece that broke off is found and returned to you with the gifts that piece brings. Most importantly, the contract, now visible to you, can be changed; past patterns of behavior, whose source had been deeply hidden, can shift. You will feel a new energy, a feeling of lightness, and hope will return.

A Soul Retrieval, as with all Shamanic work, differs from "talk therapy," although the terminology can overlap. Psychology works in the realm of the Mental. This is a level of symbols, which are our words. The work of a Shaman is performed on the Archetypal level, a level of energy without words. This is why these type of shifts that can take years to accomplish with a "talking" therapy, occur instantaneously on the level of the Soul or the Spirit.

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