The Brain/Psychology

Sometimes your imagination is so big and thoughts seem so real, it's difficult to imagine that they are being created in the three pound structure that lives inside your skull. The brain is the only body part that has its own dedicated circulation and, at any given time, uses 25% of the body's oxygen, though it accounts for only 2% of our body weight.

I will share information about the functional, as well as the physiological/anatomical brain, its older and newer parts. Have you heard about being left-brained or right-brained? We'll talk about what that means, and ways to access your more creative, or more practical, side. There are many different medications being prescribed by doctors that alter brain chemistry in order to change the way we "feel." They are designed to treat conditions of depression or anxiety, for example. Again, as a user-friendly class, I will let you know a bit about these and what they are supposed to do, how they tie-in with the main functions of the nervous system.

I wanted, also, in this class, to present material that would help you understand yourself, but also the other people in your life, so I'll talk about personalities. Do you always stay basically the same? Can you change your personality? Is there a reason we are attracted to some people and repelled by others, even before they speak? What has meaning in our lives, and how do we treat ourselves and others? Going back to the body/mind connection, I'll talk about a couple of ways you can use your body to alter your conditioned responses.

I am so excited to be able to teach this workshop, to present practical ways we can see and change ourselves and our relationships with others, to gain understanding and move toward compassion and respect for all.

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