Energy Medicine and Shamanism

Shamanism is the oldest form of healing known to man. The techniques work on all levels — physical, mental and spiritual — helping to shift energetic patterns where you have become "stuck" or dis-ease has set in, and drawing in new possibilities and happiness.

During our session, I will create a sacred space and enter an altered reality state to work with your Luminous Energy Field, or work in Ceremony to assemble a Prayer Bundle, called a despacho, which can be created for you, or for a loved one as a special gift.

Shamanic energy work can be done in person or non-locally, over the phone or web.

Energy Anatomy: LEF/Chakras
A guide to the anatomy of the spirit.

Illumination and Extraction
Removes energies stuck in the body; breaks harmful patterns.

Soul Retrieval
Brings back energies lost due to trauma; changes your "story."

Destiny Retrieval
Energetically draws in a desired outcome.

Death Rites Retrieval
Literal release OR symbolic release of this life.

Prayer bundle assembled to draw or release specific energies.