Personal Training

Personal Training is fitness in action. We discuss your goals; I create a program for you AND I will be with you while you exercise, one or more days a week, walking you through each step. I will correct and fine-tune, help you create more intensity, encourage you, and also discuss any issues that may come up with the exercises, themselves. We will begin with a proper warm-up and stretching, and end with a cool-down to maximize your benefits while avoiding soreness and injury. As with my massage and energy medicine treatments, each session is fine- tuned to your needs, and customized for you based on knowledge gleaned from a college degree in Kinesiology and years of research and experience.

You will not get the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all routine given you by the "trainer" at the gym whose "certification" involved a few hours "professional" training, and whose real job is to sell you more sessions. Anyone can call themselves a Personal Trainer, especially if they look good. Often these incredibly younger people think their job consists of yelling at their clients, working them into a state of exhaustion that usually results in injury without achieving any benefit. They tell you, "No pain, no gain;" this is just not true from a physiological standpoint.

Using my background in Kinesiology, I will teach you proper form whether we are using weights, machines, or whether we are walking or stretching. I've always found exercising is easier when I have partner or friend I can work-out with. It's especially helpful in the beginning to get used to the exercises themselves, to set the pattern using proper form, and also to set a pattern of showing up when and where necessary. It's also more fun and it's so much easier to work hard when you are having fun!

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