Ceremony and Despacho

A despacho is a specially-assembled prayer bundle that brings ayni, or balance, into your life. Whether your goal is to create peace and joy in your life, draw in energy for a successful business venture, or attract financial security, a prayer bundle can be created to assist you. Maybe you are entering a new phase of life, with a relationship, a change of job, or are having difficulties with your health. You want to create closure, honoring that passing part of your life to draw in what comes next. Maybe you want to gift that feeling of joy and connection, that sense that you are "hitting all of the green lights," to someone for a special occasion.

A despacho ceremony shifts energy by enlisting the invisible forces of nature, offering your prayers to the heavens, the earth and the elements. A prayer bundle is assembled using specific items that are related to the goals desired. While some ingredients are standard, as your Shaman, I will meditate and discover those special ingredients that will be placed in your prayer bundle to make it unique, whether for personal transformation or to honor a formal occasion.

Despacho ceremonies can be done in groups or can be performed for an individual, in person or distance. A group despacho ceremony can be a powerful and life-changing event, an occasion where people come together to manifest a common intention, at the same time individual goals are also offered and honored. Much like a Tibetan sand painting, after a despacho is fully assembled, the prayers are released into the elements.

A despacho is a beautiful way to add the missing piece of Ceremony into your life.

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