The "user friendly anatomyā€¯ talks provide an opportunity for everyday people to learn some basic, useful information about the totality of who we are as human beings — body, mind, and spirit — and how we work.

Our bodies work as a whole, not just as ten physical systems operating independently of each other, as the Western medical model implies, nor are we a physical body alone.

These lectures, which began as a review class for yoga students, can be tweaked to address specific audiences, so each person can relate and learn more easily.

I love learning and teaching, and bring heartfelt enthusiasm to each subject. I have compressed all my years of textbook/classroom/workshop studies into 3 1/2 hour modules, to share the basics of what I've learned in a fun and interesting way; to remind each of us, myself included, that this magical human life is a precious gift.

The building blocks of the body, and its systems.

Maintaining a healthy body with activity and nutrition; injury prevention.

The Brain/Psychology
Emotional components of the brain; personalities; understanding each other.

Spiritual Anatomy
The Luminous Energy Field and the chakras.